The AirTouch F20: The Softest CPAP Mask from ResMed

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

The AirTouch F20: The Softest CPAP Mask from ResMed

Rasmeds airtight, Jeff 20 represents our softest mask ever designed, to deliver exceptional seal performance at a pioneering approach to patient. Comfort an exceptional seal is a product of pressure flexibility, as strategic shaping to the face traditionally. Cushions have been made from silicone, because it's both flexible and firm enough to provide a high performance.

Mask seal air touch F 20s, cushion represents a different approach crafted from ResMed ultra soft memory, foam softer than silicone memory foam seals by gently adapting to the contours of a patient's facial profile, to deliver an outstanding seal. But, with an unprecedented level of comfort, the unique properties of foam ensure that even, when sealed firmly against a patient's face it, provides a feel of less friction and contact pressure with a standard silicon.

Cushion leading to a reduced likelihood of red marks for patient faces. Because, foam is permeable, it allows a very small amount of air to pass through a patient's cushion providing a more natural sleeping, experience without compromising therapy pressure too. 

Often, Comfort has proven an obstacle to therapy compliance among patients with the softer material of ResMed ultra soft memory foam air touch F 20 offers patients greater support delivering outstanding seal performance, with crucial pioneering comfort.