ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP - User Instructions

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP - User Instructions

Before you start your therapy, you'll need to understand how to set up and use your equipment. But don't worry, ResMed air solutions makes things easy. So, it won't take long to explain.

First, take the device out of its bag, connect the power supply and plug it in the humid air heated. Humidifier is built-in to all air sends 10 and air curve 10 therapy devices. So, you can now enjoy the benefits of humidification, in one easy-to-use system, simply take the water tub open it and fill it to the maximum water level, mark with distilled water then close the tub. Insert it into the side of the device and connect the air tubing. 

If your machine came with a slimline tube simply connected to the back of the device, if it came with a climate line air heated tube holded by the orange cuff line, it up with the connector port and push it until it clicks into place next attach. Your mask, your device is now ready to use all. That's left to do is press Start, and enjoy a great night sleep with your device setup.

It's now, time to find out how it works? You'll see it as a display screen a navigation dial a start/stop button, and a home button. My options let you view and personalize. Your comfort settings while sleep report automatically generates a summary of your last therapy session. When you press stop, your device is designed to deliver automatic comfort throughout the night.

So, just plug it in and you're ready to go each device, also has a built-in ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the screen based on the light, in the room while the screens backlight turns off, automatically allowing you and your partner to rest easy throughout the night Resmed, new Auto ramp feature with sleep onset detection helps make therapy comfortable. From the moment, you press Start, it works by delivering a low pressure to help you fall asleep with ease then comfortably increases the pressure to your prescribed level moment.

You fall asleep, if you're using the climate line air heated tube your device, will already be set up in climate control auto mode. So, you can experience therapy at the most comfortable temperature and humidity levels, without having to do a thing. Resmed air solutions a new beginning in great sleep.