What You Must Ask For When Programming Your ResMed AirSense 10 Autoset CPAP

By Gavin | June 19, 2019

A couple of things I want to show you in the programming mode. Number one, forgive me, I'm not allowed to show you in the consignment medical license. I'm just not allowed to show you how to get into the programming mode, you can do searches on the Internet.

And believe me there's out that you can find the information how to do. But for those of you who are not interested in doing that, but really want to get the most out of it, I just want to show you a couple of things.


The maximum minimum pressure

These figures like this, if you get an auto CPAP machine which is what we hundred percent recommend, you can make it function like a CPAP machine, that's not a problem at all. But we rather you can convince your doctor or you if your doctor feels it is really to your best advantage to put it in an auto CPAP, you will truly benefit for the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea.

The maximum minimum pressure is figured out by your doctor, now I want to keep going down ramp time, this feature tried an auto mode where the machine knows when you're awake and it knows when you're asleep. When you're awake it's going to blow at a lower pressure, this lower pressure can be like this, let's say if your minimum pressure is 10 it's a good idea start this at 4 5 if you've never used CPAP before. If you've been a customer using CPAP you probably don't need it.

How you can change this setting

Try it at Auto CPAP, otherwise, you can also put it as far as minutes go, and now I showed how you can change this setting. EPA are you definitely want this one, it makes exhaling easier, so you come here and make sure you tell them to put it on, and it can either be done full-time or during ramp period also.


Now I would put it full time, especially when somebody is brand new to CPAP, leave it on full-time, and what this means is this, here you go, EPA level 1 2 & 3. For example, if your CPAP setting is 10 if your EPL level is set to 1, if it's set to 1 here's the formula 10 minus 1 equals 9 for a split second, you're exhaling the CPAP pressure, drops down to 9, and then pumps bounces right back up to 10. It makes exhaling easier, if this is set for EPR level 2 exhalation pressure relief level 2, it drops to 8, 10 minus 2 and then you got 3 10 minutes 3, typically in Casillas.

Climate control decides how much moisture

I'm working with so many big-name hospitals where they do a lot of research, it's sleep medicine, so I'm very fortunate. In that sense, everybody goes on EPR level 3 unless there are one or two doctors who they'll say no, just leave it at a PR level. Now that is is where we lock it in, you just have to request for it and they'll do it.

Climate control is where the Machine decides how much moisture you want and you will get, you'll be given the right amount of moisture. I do want to tell you if you're coming from another CPAP machine, you've been using CPAP before and now you're using a rest man.


You can change that into manual mode

The odds are you might find this when it's an auto mode that you'll find that the men perhaps I'm not getting enough moisture, you can change that into manual mode, in tubing temperature, this controls how much moisture is, how warm or cool you want the air coming at you hard dependent, that's on your preference and you can change that.

In my options, in the filter, anti-bacterial filter, if you can add an antibacterial filter, if you look at the notes in the website, you can attach an Al and antibacterial filter to this machine. This is critical if you do not ask for it, this comes standard options essentials on, get rid of it, and this has to be in Plus.

A setting reminder can remind

Please ask for it, if you don't ask for it, when you go into your sleep report you will only get very minimal information. You want this to be essentials plus, this is a critical smart start, the machine will start on its own. All you do is put the mask on, take a few breaths, it just starts on its own when you take it off. After a few seconds, it will shut off.


If you set reminders on the machine when to replace your masters, you'll show some kind of text here every six months. You can change all these parameters, the water table, the tubing and this is very good. We live in SuperDuper, busy lives, this will show you how to do it, and improvement, and then you got the languages in here, English and Spanish, you can program on these machines.

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